• 360 Camera head
    Camera head with 3 image sensors

360 Degree spherical video camera

Videopanoramas camera is a device with multiple image sensors to capture single pictures or videos with 360 degrees of field of view.

The captured image is a projection of everything around the camera. This device can be used as portable capturing system, or installed as surveillance camera.

Key features

  • High definition 5 megapixel sensors
  • Touch screen interface
  • Autonomous operation (built-in storage and battery)
  • Robust IP66 design for video surveillance
  • Remote access (can be used as IP camera)

Field of view (FOV) of Videopanoramas camera

Videopanoramas camera is composed by several image sensors fitted with wide angle lenses. The camera joins together the images from each sensor and produces automatically an output image of 360 x 162 degrees. The resulting image covers the 95% of the whole spherical view.

Field of view

                                Field of view 360º x 162º

Super high resolution image

Hig resolution panorama

                                          Up:  Full HD 1080p camera with wide angle lens (95º FOV)
                                          Down: Videopanoramas camera (360º FOV)

This is a comparison between the image captured with a Full HD 1080p camera versus an image captured with Videopanoramas camera. It is notable that the Videopanoramas camera resolution is seven times greater than Full HD resolution.