Videopanoramas Packer

The packer tool is a feature that you can find in Videopanoramas player.

This tool packs all multimedia content into a single executable file that works without extracting packed files to the hard drive and without creating temporary files. The resulting package can be delivered in a efficient way, and with all content protected and signed digitally.


- Open any content in Videopanoramas player.
- Click on packer button  
- Modify the parameters and package options.
- Click on "Create" button

  This is an example of packaging a single 360 panorama Videopanoramas Packer-example-1.exe (6.68 MB)


Some advantages of Videopanoramas Packer compared to other packer programs:

- The content is protected and cannot be extracted.

- The package runs directly, without extracting the packed files to the hard drive or RAM, and without creating temporary files. This is very important if your package is very big, because other packers require a lot of time to start the application, while the content is extracted.

- The package file is safe and is not treated as suspect by any antivirus software. This is an example of analysis of most important antivirus.

- The package can be saved as executable or screensaver (.EXE or .SCR extension). In fact, you can rename the package after creation to obtain the desired behavior.

- It is possible to define an expiration date or an expiration time to the package. This feature adds a restriction to the package, perfect to distribute demo files.

- The file is signed with a valid digital certificate. This code signing process ensures the integrity and authenticity of the package to launch without problems from CD, DVD or Internet download.


IMPORTANT NOTE (2018-01-02): The packer tool is a free feature included into Videopanoramas player. In the past, a license purchase allowed to sign the package with a digital certificate, but this is not available anymore. You can sign your package file with your own digital certificate or personal ID. Any question: