This is a 360 degree panoramic picture, click and drag to move the view
Image: Church square in Navarrete town
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SINGLE SHOT – High contrast

This 360 degree image was captured with a prototype of Videopanoramas camera. This is a high contrast image with the sun light behind of some trees, it is possible to check the behavior of the lenses when they exist objects with contrasted edges. It can be appreciated an almost total absence of chromatic aberration or diffused edges.

This image does not have any post-production work, this is the image obtained directly from the camera.

  • Camera: Videopanoramas camera
  • Shooting mode:  Single shot
  • Tripod: Yes
  • Field of view:  360 x 162 degrees
  • Resolution:  (5MP mode) 5600 x 2800 pixels

Download this example: JPEG image 4.9MB (You can open this example with Videopanoramas player for Windows, or any other player for your operating system)

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